Blockchain Revolution Global

After the success of the inaugural Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) in 2019, the second edition in 2020 brought over 1,500 executives together from the world’s leading enterprises alongside foremost leaders, thinkers, and practitioners in blockchain.

Co-hosted by the Blockchain Research Institute, a global independent blockchain think-tank, and MCI Group, the world’s largest engagement agency, BRG will educate, inspire, and prepare leaders to be part of the revolutionary transformation that blockchain technology is bringing to business, government, and society.

Join us at the next Blockchain Revolution Global (#BRG2022) in November 2022, the first truly worldwide enterprise leadership community for blockchain, bringing together leading thinkers, builders, and pioneers to accelerate the blockchain revolution.


Blockchain represents nothing less than the second era of the internet – an evolution from a platform for communicating information to a platform for transacting value. Using cryptography, collaboration, and some clever code, blockchain allows us to securely transact anything of value, from money and stocks to data, art, votes, and more. This technology is already transforming the way we do business, and every industry will be affected.

Why should you attend?

  • The first truly worldwide enterprise leadership community for blockchain
  • Highlighting the findings from dozens of enterprise blockchain research projects from the Blockchain Research Institute
  • Featuring inspiring talks, thought-provoking case studies, brain dates, and more, led by enterprise blockchain leaders and global Blockchain Research Institute researchers
  • Presented on a unique stage that will create an integrated and collaborative experience for all attendees

Accelerate your organization’s blockchain transformation at #BRG2022