Blockchain & The C-Suite

The CEO and Strategy

Blockchain enterprise adoption is not as simple as switching out the old for new. CEOs and strategy officers need to undertake significant organizational change for the implementation and commercialization of blockchain systems, and manage their firms in a competitive market that requires inter-firm collaboration for successful adoption of the technology.


CIOs play an essential role in successful enterprise adoption, building on legacy systems and software and diffusing the technology across the firm as it affects all departments. Timing is important as well, not only in finding the right kind of talent, but creating and deploying this new system in a receptive environment.

Talent and Education

Blockchain has enabled a whole new set of tools for employers and educators. Soon, the implementation of microcredentialing capabilities, pay-as-you-learn funding models, and massively open online courses, plus the co-creation of open educational resources, will make the meta-university possible, affordable, and accessible for more students and employees worldwide. This will also make it easier for HR to verify employee credentials and vet applicants.

Want to learn more?

The Blockchain Research Institute and its research contributors have produced a number of reports to support c-suite executives during their blockchain revolution, including:

  • Building a Framework for Blockchain Adoption: What CEOs Should Know, which guides CEOs through the implementation of blockchain, from choosing the right pilot project to communicating with stakeholders.
  • Blockchain Revolution in Higher Education and Lifelong Learning, which was produced in collaboration with the IBM Institute for Business Value. This project explores how blockchain is transforming education with an emphasis on lifelong learning and the reskilling of the workforce.
  • Enabling Enterprise Transformation with Blockchain, which focuses on blockchain as a platform for enterprise transformation in terms of operations, organizational structure, systems integration, new product development, and business model innovation. The featured case study shows how Canada’s largest digital payments company is using blockchain to seize new opportunities in the highly regulated energy and health care sectors (BRI Member-only content!)

2020 C-Suite Speakers

Soumak Chatterjee

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Peter Zemsky

Dr. Mary Lacity

Dr. Atefeh Mashatan

Dr. Victoria Lemieux

Guilda Javaheri

Benoit Yelle

Jason Saltzman

Ian Palm

Lorraine Mastersmith

More to be Announced