Blockchain & Healthcare

Health Identities and Records

Patient data and medical research currently live in silos, creating inefficiencies in the healthcare system and hindering important exchanges of information in clinical trials. Through blockchain, this data can be stored in “black boxes” that maintain data integrity and anonymity as they are shared across agencies and institutions, reducing research costs and also allowing for patients to monetize their data.

Healthcare Supply Chain

Introducing blockchain to the supply chains of healthcare allows for reliable tracking of pharmaceuticals, medical products, devices, and facilities, ensuring regulatory standards have been met and curbing the introduction of counterfeit drugs.

IoT Health Devices

As wearables become more ubiquitous, they are playing an increasingly important role in monitoring healthcare data. Privacy concerns over the tracking of such sensitive data can be addressed with blockchain, which would secure this data and place it in the hands of the patient, who can ultimately decide who has access.

Want to learn more?

The Blockchain Research Institute and its research contributors have produced two reports on the topic of healthcare, including:


  • Accessing Patient Health Records Via Blockchain, which explores the University Health Network’s patient control and consent pilot with IBM (BRI Member-Only Content, available to the public Soon!)
  • Blockchain Solutions in Pandemics, which looks at how blockchain can be used to help us navigate a pandemic stricken world, and innovate post-Covid19
  • Medical and Biopharma Research, which discusses the application of blockchain in clinical trials and its ability to reduce the cost and inefficiencies of health research, specifically detailing the work of YouBase
  • Reinventing Healthcare on the Blockchain, which reviews the three most pertinent challenges in healthcare that blockchain can address: the interoperability and ownership of patient records; the supply chain of pharmaceuticals, medical products, and devices; and the exchange of patient data with health devices

2020 Healthcare Speakers

Dr. Sarah Muttitt

Heather Flannery

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Alice Xu

Pradeep Goel

Robert Kenedi

Dr. Sean Manion

Paul O’Neill

Dr. Ashraf Affan

David Hanekom

Jefferson Nunn

Dr. Swapna Vaidya

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