Innovative Applications

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Innovative Applications

This track will feature innovators from diverse industries introducing their blockchain solutions and discussing their global impact. We will hear from Irving Wladawsky-Berger, the Chair of the Committee for the Enterprise Blockchain Awards, as he interviews this year’s EBAs finalists. There are many incredible applications in operation or development that leverage blockchain in novel ways, creating new avenues of value creation, streamlining existing processes, and providing global leaders with new and innovative toolsets.

Want to learn more?

The Blockchain Research Institute and its research contributors have produced a number of reports featuring innovative applications, including:

  • Social Media on the Blockchain, which takes a look at the AKASHA project, a censorship-resistant social media application being developed on the blockchain.
  • Ride-Sharing on the Blockchain, which examines the Eva project, a decentralized and community-based ride-sharing application.
  • The Future of Travel, which explores how Winding Tree is disintermediating global distribution systems and online travel agencies so that airlines, hotel, and car companies can offer available inventory directly to consumers.

2020 Innovative Applications Speakers