Purpose-Driven Ecosystems

Purpose-Driven Ecosystems

We face a world in crises, where our very planet is being polluted, over-exploited, and poisoned each and every day. Beyond the value-added by blockchain across industries, distributed ledger technology will provide us with incredible tools to promote sustainable economic development, manage disasters, manage pollution and waste, and fight climate change. Blockchain allows us to engage in purpose-driven innovation.

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The Blockchain Research Institute and its research contributors have produced a number of reports on purpose-driven ecosystems and global good, including:

  • Blockchain for Planetary Stewardship, which surveys the landscape of blockchain start-ups, applications, and networks related to climate, sustainability, and governance of planetary resources.
  • Transforming Plastic Pollution with Blockchain, which investigates how distributed ledgers, combined with global positioning and microtagging, provide a mechanism for tracking plastic through the supply chain, further providing support incentive systems for recycling or reusing it.
  • Blockchain for Saving our Seas, which looks at how blockchain technology could help us preserve marine life in our ocean ecosystems. It spotlights the work of Ocean Marine Blockchain Solutions, in collaboration with the Girguis Lab at Harvard University and the Jamaican agency Alligator Head Foundation.

2020 Purpose-Driven Ecosystem Speakers

Adi Sideman

Adi Sideman is the Co-founder and CEO of Props. Adi is a pioneer in participatory media and digital currency, an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. Prior to Props, Adi founded YouNow to provide a live social platform for people to connect, interact, and express themselves. YouNow grew to be a global social Continue reading

Lakshminarasimhan Srinivasan

Lakshminarasimhan Srinivasan (Lakshmi), Global Head of TCS Interactive, is on a mission to transform businesses through design-led innovation and achieve iconic customer experience outcomes by leveraging experiential and immersive technologies. In his more than two decades with TCS, Lakshmi has been instrumental in formulating strategy and driving growth in multiple TCS business units. Before becoming Continue reading

Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta is Chief Research Officer at HFS. He oversees HFS’ global research function managing the global team of analysts across US, Europe, and Asia-Pac. He works closely with the CEO to set the strategic research focus and agenda for HFS Research, understanding and predicting the needs of the industry and ensuring that HFS maintains Continue reading

Christina Lomazzo

Christina is UNICEF’s Blockchain Lead, overseeing blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives. Christina’s team builds internal prototypes and supports projects such as the UNICEF CryptoFund. Prior to joining UNICEF, Christina worked at Deloitte where she supported various levels of government in Canada who were exploring blockchain. Christina wrote her master’s thesis on how global banks have responded Continue reading

Cecilia Chapiro

Cecilia Chapiro, is an entrepreneur working in tech and entrepreneurship. She’s an expert in frameworks for building startups. Her core interest is at the intersection of data and emerging technology to solve the most pressing social problems. Originally from Argentina, Cecilia has lived and worked in Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, England, Germany, Spain and USA. As Continue reading

Dr. Stephanie Hurder

Dr. Stephanie Hurder is a Partner and Founding Economist of Prysm Group, a firm specializing in economic and governance design for blockchain and distributed ledger-based projects. Dr. Hurder combines tools from cutting-edge economics research in incentive and market design with blockchain expertise to design successful blockchain consortia and token economies. Her advisory clients include Big Continue reading