Security & Identity

Data Privacy and Self-Sovereign Identity

The increasing number of data breaches has forced the topic of data privacy mainstream, as internet users grapple with the involuntary release of ownership over their data.

Individuals can take ownership of their identity back through blockchain-backed self-sovereign identities. These virtual identities are a “black box” of data owned and operated by the individual, releasing specific achievements, health records, licenses, and other data points only to specific organizations for a specific period of time.

Want to learn more?

The Blockchain Research Institute and its research contributors have produced a number of reports on the topic of identity and security, including:

  • Blockchain Identity Services, which examines how identity can live in a black box and be parcelled out to specific service providers for specific periods of time by the individual, who has ultimate ownership over the data (members-only content!)
  • Saving the Web, which explores the ways that distributed ledger technology can address surveillance, censorship, data hacks, and other challenges of the internet of information
  • Quantum Proofing the Blockchain, which examines the quantum threat to blockchain technology, with its heavy reliance on public-key cryptography, and the need for quantum-resistant algorithms, international standards for cryptosystems, and a large-scale retooling of information and communications technology infrastructure worldwide.

2020 Security and Identity Speakers

Roanie Levy

Fennie Wang

Erik Zvaigzne

Eric Gu

Sebastian Posth

Lambert Heller

Richard Gendal Brown

Hanumantha Rao