Sustainability & Resources

Sustainability and Resources

Oil and Gas

Blockchain enables new methods of sustainable business in the oil and gas sector, changing how exploration and production companies raise capital and how investors and consumers participate in energy markets. Enabling new ways of tracking waste and carbon, blockchain streamlines age-old processes while improving transparency for all stakeholders.

Ethical Resources

The ethical and sustainable sourcing of natural resources is becoming an increasingly important benchmark for consumers. Blockchain provides these markets with a system to track every transaction within an asset’s lifetime, that can be accessed by all stakeholders in the network.

Recycling and Waste

Dealing with waste means handling a number of issues including accountability at the end destination, paying collectors, and tracking waste shipments. Organizations are creating platforms to address these issues, using blockchain to record and track these transactions.

Want to learn more?

The Blockchain Research Institute and its research contributors have produced a number of reports on the topic of sustainability, including:

  • Oil, Natural Gas, and Blockchain which features the work of Permianchain, who are busy changing how exploration and production companies raise capital and how investors and consumers participate in energy markets (BRI Member-only content!)
  • Diamonds on the Blockchain reviews the work of Everledger to record and identify the provenance of diamonds and encourage sustainable practices in the sourcing of diamonds
  • Blockchain and the Future of Battery Supply Chains covers the challenges facing the cobalt industry and explains how blockchain technology can help by tracking the chain of custody, exposing unethical practices, and improving governance across the cobalt supply chain (BRI Member-only content!)

2020 Sustainability and Resources Speakers

Frantz Beznik

Frantz has been working for over 20 years in Research & Development at P&G. He is a passionate Innovation Leader with high sustained track-record across multiple categories and brands as Tide, Swiffer and Mr.Clean. His past roles on single-rinse & cold-washing innovation, and on the revolutionary compacted single-dose Tide Pods affirmed his relentless drive for Continue reading

Ana Gabriel Lobo

Ana Gabriel Lobo, is a strategist and engineer experienced in the delivery of technology solutions in industries such as energy, supply chain and e-commerce, across Latin America and Canada. As Strategy & Operations Manager at Mavennet, she led product management and business analysis for commodity traceability projects with the US Department of Homeland Security and Continue reading

Vincent Annunziato

Director Annunziato has over twenty years’ experience with Customs and Border Protection (CBP). He began his career in 1996 as an Officer at the port of Los Angeles and in 2004 began working as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) program. Mr. Annunziato has led many high profile projects with Continue reading

Patrick Mandic

Patrick Mandic, has extensive knowledge in the application of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) in enterprise and industrial environments. He was launch lead for the Aion, network, and lead blockchain traceability projects with the US Department of Homeland Security and the Canadian Federal government. Patrick Mandic was selected as an immigration of the year 2020 impacting Continue reading

Mohamed El-Masri

Mohamed El-Masri is the founder and CEO of PermianChain Technologies Inc. With over seven years of corporate finance experience, he developed a comprehensive understanding in structuring alternative investment products. His entrepreneurial aspirations led to the pursuit for research and development on primary market investment platforms and enterprise blockchain solutions that serve a great societal benefit Continue reading

Leanne Kemp

Leanne is Founder and CEO of Everledger and Queensland Chief Entrepreneur. In her role as CEO, she inspires and steers the team of Everlegends to increase transparency and trust with technology, in close collaboration with our industry partners. She is a prominent figure in the technology sector. Leanne co-chairs the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Continue reading

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