Transport & Trade

Transportation and Trade

The complex nature of transportation and trade networks provide perfect scenarios for blockchain disruption.  Through the use of novel technologies like blockchain, these industries can tackle age old problems, and improve how they manage documents, store data, and mediate the exchange of value. From autonomous vehicles using blockchain as an operational foundation, to streamlining the document-laden processes inherent to customs and trade, blockchain is a tool with revolutionary potential in the transport and trade industries.

Want to learn more?

The Blockchain Research Institute and its research contributors have produced a number of reports on the topic of transportation and trade, including:

  • Blockchain and Global Trade, which was produced in collaboration with Deloitte and explores the potential for blockchain to transform global trade networks.
  • Autonomous Vehicles and Blockchain, which explores how blockchain intersects with the emerging field of autonomous vehicles, where blockchain could serve as an ideal operating platform for automated agents.
  • Blockchain at Our Borders, which looks at how the US Customs and Border service could leverage blockchain to modernize the customs process and improve border security and efficiency.

2020 Transport & Trade Speakers

Vincent Annunziato

Cynthia D. Allen

Dale Chrystie

Emmanuelle Ganne

Louisa Bai

More to be announced!