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Blockchain & Sustainability

Carbon Credits

At BRG 2019, we had a number of experts shed light on how we can “put the Paris Agreement on the blockchain”: creating a global credit and debit system that tracks and transfers carbon credits between countries. Blockchain moves carbon trading away from a system with fragmented intermediaries and instead towards decentralized and transparent transactions between buyers and sellers.

Ethical Resources

The ethical and sustainable sourcing of natural resources is becoming an increasingly important benchmark for consumers. Blockchain provides these markets with a system to track every transaction within an asset’s lifetime, that can be accessed by all stakeholders in the network.

Recycling and Waste

Dealing with waste means handling a number of issues including accountability at the end destination, paying collectors, and tracking waste shipments. Organizations are creating platforms to address these issues, using blockchain to record and track these transactions.

Want to learn more?

The Blockchain Research Institute and its research contributors have produced a number of reports on the topic of sustainability, including:

2019 Sustainability Speakers

Leanne Kemp

Rob Meikle

Dr. James Orbinski

Roanie Levy

Joseph Pallant

Katherine Foster

Anthony Williams

Lawrence Orsini

Jack Spallone

Shannon Grinnell

Adam Lemmon

Michael Torrance

Cameron Chell

Chloé Desmonet

Eden Dhaliwal

Karen Ottoni

Ron Dembo

Andrés Assmus

David Winterstein