Alishba Imran

Machine Learning & Blockchain Developer


Alishba is a 17-year-old Machine Learning and Blockchain Developer who was recently named a Young Innovator to Watch at CES. She’s worked with companies such as IBM to develop a platform on Blockchain to track medication and put an end to counterfeit medication in supply chain systems in developing countries. In the past, she’s also interned with the top banks in Canada working on AI enterprise solutions and new product lines for credit analysis. Currently, she’s working with top manufactures in energy storage on a machine learning product to accelerate the testing of energy storage devices from months to days for renewable energy. She’s also an apprentice at Hanson Robotics where she’s helping build out Sofia 2020 and working on improving sensing, grasping/griping through various novel sensing, perception and deep learning techniques. Outside of this, she’s supported by the University of San Jose & the University of Alberta to develop a cheaper alternative to prosthetic arms using 3D printed to bring down the cost and deep learning to improve hand manipulation. Alishba’s passion is to use technology to help progress humanity forward by solving social impact problems!