Carl Amorim

Country Executive, BRI Brasil


Carl Amorim – Civil Engineer from the Mackenzie University School of Engineering, MBA in Finance from the Brazilian Capital Markets Institute (IBMEC), post-graduate degree in Marketing from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) and Master in Business Strategy and PhD student in Blockchain by Mackenize University.
Professor and serial DAO Entrepreneur, working for 12 years with articulation of networked projects and the last 4 experimenting with Blockchain based Distributed Organizations. He is one of the initiators of Prospera, the first Brazilian Autonomous Distributed Organization (DAO) based on Blockchain. It launched the first Public Crypto Asset Offering in Brazil and the first initiative of its kind in the world that has already distributed revenues to its participants in 2017.
Co-editor and translator of the book Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott, a project in which he articulated an unprecedented process of translation and collaborative editing with the registration of unique digital copies on the Blockchain and the use of a crypto asset to remunerate the professionals involved with book sales shares.
He is currently CEO of the Blockchain Research Institute Brazil, representing world’s most important blockchain research organization in the country and also creator of Kairos first DAOs building framework and platform.