Cecilia Chapiro

Frontier Tech Investment Adviser, UNICEF Ventures


Cecilia Chapiro, is an entrepreneur working in tech and entrepreneurship. She’s an expert in frameworks for building startups. Her core interest is at the intersection of data and emerging technology to solve the most pressing social problems. Originally from Argentina, Cecilia has lived and worked in Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, England, Germany, Spain and USA.

As the Founder of Yunus & Youth, a social business endorsed by Nobel Prize Muhammad Yunus, she has accelerated multiple social ventures globally by connecting ideas of innovative social entrepreneurs with corporate leaders, to drive financial sustainability in social enterprises.

In addition, Cecilia has spent the last years advising the United Nations Children’s Fund on the setup and structure of its first venture fund. Cecilia sources investments across developing and emerging economies, targeting frontier tech start-ups with open source technology solutions. She also helped launch the first crypto-denominated fund in 2019, for which she advises the blockchain portfolio of investments and works with entrepreneurs as they grow their tech ventures.