Kesem Frank

President, Mavennet Systems Inc



Kesem Frank, Mavennet President is a technology strategy expert specializing in blockchain enterprise architecture. Following a leadership position in Deloitte’s Blockchain practice, Kesem co-founded Nuco, one of the earliest enterprise blockchain platforms and a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. In 2017, Kesem led the launch of Aion, a globally leading decentralized network ranked as one of the world’s top-100 blockchains. Mavennet, founded 2018, pursues a goal of making blockchain a mainstream technology by driving adoption by major enterprises, among it’s current and past clients are both Canadian and US governments, TMX group and numerous leading FIs.
Kesem is an experienced team leader, having served as a naval officer with the IDF for 5 years. He is passionate for startup culture and innovation, serving as a mentor to UofT’s Creative Destruction Lab, Techstars, and the Founder Institute.