Linda Pawczuk

US and Global Blockchain and Digital Assets Leader, Deloitte

Linda is a principal for Deloitte Consulting LLP where she serves as the Global & US Consulting Blockchain and Digital Assets leader as well as the Global Cloud Financial Services Industry leader. She serves clients globally across enterprise, government and emerging disruptors in blockchain and digital asset solutions, ecosystem structure, value/attribution, and distributed operating and governance models.

A frequent author to publications and speaker at conferences, Linda has tackled a variety of topics from transformation strategy, information management to customer experience, and analytics. Most recently, Linda has collaborated with the World Economic Forum (‘the Forum’) and MIT on several publications including the Redesigning Trust: Blockchain Deployment Toolkit and Blockchain’s next frontier: Shaping the business model. She is also the lead sponsor and author of Deloitte’s annual Global Blockchain Survey. Additionally, she spoke on CoinDesk’s 2020 Consensus Distributed: Vicarious Learning for Blockchain Deployment – Hosted by World Economic Forum.

Linda is also a council member on the Center for the 4th Industrial Revolution (C4IR) with the Forum and was named by Barron’s as “one of four women who make a difference in blockchain”. Further, Linda has served as the dean of Deloitte’s CIO Fellows Program where she led several conferences focused on developing the next generation of CIOs and facilitated CIO transition labs for some of Deloitte’s largest clients. She has been recognized for strategic leadership, business collaboration, and the successful execution of large, complex global transformation programs.