Maria Pia Aqueveque Jabbaz

Representative, Blockchain Research Institute Hispanic America & Spain


She is CEO and founder of Maqueveq & Co, strategic and corporate advisory on digital asset projects and investments and DTCODE company dedicated to innovation using blockchain technology, through collaborative R + D. The last two years has represented the Blockchain Research Institute in Hispanic America & Spain. María Pía is also Board Member of Olidata S.p.A (Italy) and alternate in AFP UNO (Chile). Advisor to public and private leaders in the implementation of blockchain technology and currently leads the Chilean chapter of the 30% Club, global initiative focused on increasing women’s participation on the boards of major listed corporations. She host TXSWorld, program on Science & Technology in Europe on TXS Radio.
With studies in economics and public policy, throughout her career María Pía ha been a valuable collaborator of the World Bank, the Interamerican Development Bank, the Government of Chile, the Chilean Association of Mutual Funds, the magazine AmericaEconomía and the North American Chamber of Commerce in Chile, among other institutions.