Mihai Alisie

Founder, AKASHA

Mihai Alisie graduated Cybernetics, Statistics & Information Economy in 2010 and has been actively involved in the blockchain technology space since 2011 when he created together with Vitalik Buterin the world’s first Bitcoin centric publication – Bitcoin Magazine. He served as Editor-in-Chief for the magazine, until late 2013, when he joined Vitalik as co-founder of the Ethereum project.

In the early days of Ethereum, Mihai led the Swiss efforts to establish the the legal framework and business infrastructure critical for the Ethereum “pre-sale” campaign. Following the successful Ethereum Swiss setup and Ether crowdfunding, he oversaw the Ethereum operations as Vice-President and Strategic Manager of the Ethereum Foundation, until late 2015, when he focused his attention on the AKASHA project.

Mihai is also the “Crypto Valley” concept originator, the name Crypto Valley being first conceptualised by Mihai in early 2014 in a meeting with the Zug authorities, while trying to convey the vision of an International blockchain hub based in Zug, Switzerland. Currently Mihai serves as President of the AKASHA Foundation, a non-profit born at the intersection of blockchain and collective intelligence seeking to explore the applications and implications of a permanent web in the context of networked cooperation, freedom of expression and privacy.