Prema Shrikrishna

IT Officer, World Bank Group

I am a blockchain enthusiast, a sustainable business champion and work at the intersection of Technology, Business & Development.

At the World Bank, I work with Systems Thinking, Futures thinking and emerging technologies to solve real-world development problems across a multitude of sectors and countries. Some of these projects lead to new technology-centric business models.
I have built a strong reputation for innovation and the creation of responsible business operations for Fortune 500 companies across fashion/retail (B2C), engineering (B2B) and telecom (B2C) sectors. I have created strategies to address international environmental compliance requirements, built human rights into supply chain processes and used technology to create new business opportunities.

My skills and experience include leadership in sustainability strategy, drafting & executing policies for environmental compliance, mitigating risk in supply chains and third party audit verifications. I have led Fortune 500 companies disclosures on GHG protocols, operationalized carbon footprinting processes and created energy efficiency measures in Business operations. I derive risk-return insights based on material risks, sustainability efforts and disclosures. I can use the AA1000AS principles to determine inclusivity, materiality, responsiveness, and stakeholder issues and use GRI reports to benchmark best practices within Industry. I am conversant with using audit protocols such as SA8000, WRAP, ICTI, EICC, GRI & ISO 14000.
I have had the opportunity to research and document the future of manufacturing in a blockchain enabled world. This research predicts trends of decentralized manufacturing, empowering SMEs & the role of trading Intellectual Property on secure blockchain enabled platforms. Provenance & IP security are the focal points of the study.