Sebastian Posth

CEO, Posth Werk BV


Sebastian is an entrepreneur and consultant in the cultural and creative industries with a focus on digital innovation and decentralized ledger technology.

In various roles and functions, Sebastian has been working to transform innovative technology into useful products, services or tools for the media industries; with the personal ambition to support media organizations in developing a digital strategy and implementing a digital business model that suits their needs and helps them grow their digital business.

Sebastian is the founder of Licium, a decentralized app for trusted digital content licensing. Licium allows rightsholders, content creators, media organizations to register content on public ledgers, generate content certificates that verify authenticity of original content and to inseparably and verifiably associate metadata, rights management information and other claims with the content – for a proper attribution and fair remuneration of creative work in increasingly networked and heterogeneous digital media environments.

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