Tom Baumann

Founder and Co-Chair, Climate Chain Coalition

Tom has over 20 years experience and has worked with hundreds of organizations in the climate, cleantech, sustainability and digital space. In 2019 Tom was recognized as as a Top 100 Fintech for SDG Influencer.

Tom is founder and co-chair of the Climate Chain Coalition, an open global multi-stakeholder network of 200 organizations in 50 countries focused on advancing blockchain to enhance climate actions. The CCC is co-chaired with the UNFCCC.

Tom co-founded 3 digital start-ups, including Collaborase (used by leading sustainable initiatives for “Standards”), ScribeHub, and Xpansiv as a digital commodities platform, which merged with CBL Markets to form XCHG.

Tom is climate lead at the Blockchain Research Institute, and has also co-authored leading reports on digital solutions for World Bank and ITU.

Tom is co-chair of the Hyperledger SIG for Climate Action & Accounting and co-chairs INATBA’s Climate Action Working Group (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications).

Tom is co-founder and principal at Adaptation Ledger – a startup integrating innovations from digital, finance, governance to help scale climate adaptation solutions.

Tom is co-founder and CEO of ClimateCHECK, a professional services company specialized in innovative solutions and assurance for climate and cleantech.

Tom was former international chair (2014-2019) of ISO’s climate change standards committee (80 countries) as well as former chair (2009-2014) of IEEE’s climate change technology committee.

Tom co-founded the GHG Management Institute as the global society of GHG professionals (over 7000 members in 160 countries).

Previously, Tom worked for the largest global GHG certification company and also in a climate fund where he developed the standard for due diligence that is the leading standard used today in Canada by Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

Tom has a degree in environmental economics and completed graduate studies in climate change economics. Tom also has degrees in environmental engineering, and completed graduate studies specializing in GHG measurement, air pollution and clean technologies. Tom is a certified knowledge manager and registered professional engineer.